Sunday, January 16, 2011

Former ImageMovers Employees Launch Atomic Fiction

via The Hollywood Reporter
The new full-service VFX business will aim to cut costs for clients without sacrificing quality. Three VFX veterans from Robert Zemeckis’ recently shuttered ImageMovers Digital have launched a new facility in Emeryville, Calif.

Named Atomic Fiction, the business was co-founded by Kevin Baillie, who serves as president and VFX supervisor; Ryan Tudhope, creative director and VFX supervisor; and Jenn Emberly, performance and animation supervisor. At ImageMovers, Baillie, Tudhope and Emberly served as VFX supervisor, digital FX supervisor and performance supervisor, respectively. 
 I found this part especially interesting (Kevin told me they're utilizing Amazon EC2):
“We’re trying to find smart ways to do things less expensively,” Baillie said. “We are looking at cloud computing for rendering so that we pay for it as a service, pay as you go.”
I think it's great the AF is trying to innovate in a market where many producers are chasing subsidies and tax incentives. I think the best way to stay competitive in the VFX market these days, especially in California, is through real innovation.
Using Emeryville as its data center, the company also is considering the use of satellite bases in areas such as in Louisiana or Vancouver, where it can benefit from financial incentives.
Obviously, Vancouver is a major industry hub these days, but Louisiana could be next. Pixel Magic recently opened a branch in Louisiana and Huck Wirtz is basing his startup Bayou FX there as well. Apparently, Louisiana offers some great tax incentives in addition to LITE being in Lafayette. 

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