Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The "Advertising" Network

Facebook, and the recent film, would be more appropriately called "The Advertising Network". Zuckerberg et al have found a way to "sucker" (his word) people into providing private data to their network of advertisers and third party application developers, all wrapped up in the pretty bow of a "Social Network".

Facebook's purpose is to entice ignorant users into freely giving up their private data, playing on human nature in exchange for short term satisfaction, it's akin to engineering addiction.

How many 'mock outrage' responses from Facebook in the face of an ever-increasing number of privacy breaches will it take before people realize that their motivations are unethical? Why is no one suggesting the simple solution of JUST NOT USING IT? Privacy issues aside, people's data is a commodity. Why would anyone give it away for free?

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